Privacy Policy

Members of the University community are entitled to privacy in their use of information resources. Each user number, login name, account name, or any other username and associated password belongs to an individual or a department. No one should use a user number, login name, any username or account name and password without explicit permission from the owner. No one should use aliases, nicknames, pointers or other electronic means to attempt to impersonate, redirect or confuse those who use the information resources. Each member of the University community shall accept the burden for the responsible use and dissemination of his or her user number, login name, username and account name and password and is further responsible for any authorized use of one's account. The University, to fulfill its responsibility to the academic community, reserves the right to monitor periodically the activities on its network system. Further, the University may be subject to subpoena or other lawfully mandated legal process related to unlawful use or other violations which will subject the entire network or individual accounts to outside monitoring.